Multiply Education Trainer​/Consultant job Available in USA

COMPANY NAME :Iarussi, Gelhaus & Hauskens, Inc
Job specializations:
  • Education
  • Teaching


  • Job Description & How to Apply Below

    Iarussi, Gelhaus & Hauskens, Inc is looking for a Purchasing assistant.This role assists the Purchasing Manager with daily project administrative tasks so that they can spend their time on operations and strategic development with an aim towards resolving current and future order issues.


    • Transaction reports are accurate and up to date (check and balance of all the orders, monthly).

    • Tracking orders and ensuring timely delivery.

    • Researching potential vendors.

    • Evaluate offers from vendors and negotiate better prices.

    Position Requirements

    High School,   1 to 2 Years work experience

    Required Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:

    • Excellent communication and negotiation skills.

    • Excellent math skill.

    • Hands-on experience with QuickBooks.

    • Meticulous eye for detail and accuracy.

    • Desire to grow, take on new responsibilities, and establish yourself on our team.

    Experience / Education:

    • One to three (1-3) years of purchasing experience.

    • Advanced computer skills in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Outlook, Excel, and Power Point) and Adobe Acrobat are required.



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